Security Project Management

Our clients trust us to manage the security of their daily operations. In every project, we integrate the most advanced intelligence methods, planning skills and unique technologies. Each of our project managers has proven international experience in managing large-scale and complex operations.


Our security consultants will first analyze the project goals and will coordinate with the relevant forces. Depending on the mission – the target, scale, etc. – we will select the most suitable security professionals and equip them with the appropriate security measures.

Operational Management

FourTroop provides constant operational management overseen by our team supervisors. We allocate a

mission commander for each task in order to verify that the mission is managed in accordance with the highest standards. Our consultants conduct ongoing audits throughout the duration of the mission and will revise procedures (as necessary) to ensure the highest level of service and security.


Implementation is handled by top professionals who have been vetted for the required project-specific experience, who understand how to handle extreme situations and can execute every required task. The team leaders of each mission are former officers from notable security agencies and who have led many similar projects around the world.


FourTroop management will debrief after every operation in order to identify areas that need improvement. We will analyze each stage of the mission and will assess the measures for improvement that will keep us many steps ahead of potential adversaries.

Case Studies from

Case Studies from other Sectors

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    Security Management For Hotel Chain

    Project Goal: To establish a pro-active security array for 6 very large resorts
    Client: Hotel Chain Location: Latin America

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  • HLS

    Consulting For Upgrade A Swat Unit

    Project Goal: To consult the police force to upgrade an existing SWAT unit
    Client: Police Location: Asia
    FourTroop Team: 5 specialists were involved in the project

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