FourTroop offers a wide range of medical services. The company’s directors are doctors and paramedics that provide the highest level of medical services available in the market today.

Among the services offered:

  • Consulting services: establishing a medical array, an overall medical solution for strategic installations, writing and implementing medical procedures.
  • Instructional services in the field of tactical and emergency medicine: beginning with basic or advanced CPR, up to simulations and participating in the security team’s (security guards, drivers, security officers, etc.) tactical exercises. The lectures are interactive and include field exercises and advanced medical simulations. All the instructors are graduates of the FourTroop instructor’s course
  • Medical equipment: our company knows how to supply a vast collection of medical equipment: defibrillators, tactical medical kits, medical technologies, tactical and emergency medical equipment – the latest in the operational medical world that is also suitable for the security field.
  • Manning paramedic positions for various missions: the company owns a unique cadre of paramedics who have served in the security forces and Special Forces. These professionals know how to operate alongside the security array and accompany individuals and delegations around the world according to the customer’s requirements. The paramedics arrive with an ALS medical kit that contains the most advanced medical equipment for field treatment. Our company also takes care of complete insurance coverage.

Case Studies from Defense

  • Defense

    Medical Training Of Special Forces

    Project Goal: To train various elite units in tactical medicine
    Client: Army Location: Europe
    FourTroop Team: 10 specialists were involved in the project.

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  • Defense

    Uav Security Operation

    Project Goal: To secure a UAV team during local government counter-terrorism operations
    Client: The Defense Industry Location: West Africa

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Case Studies from other Sectors

  • Educational

    Security Concept For Various Institutions

    Project Goal: To establish a pro-active security array for 15 institutions
    Client: Community Institutions Location: Europe

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  • HLS

    Upgrading An Elite Police Unit

    Project Goal: To upgrade an elite police unit and to train 200 officers to combat severe crime
    Client: Police Location: South America

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