FourTroop has been providing integrated security services across the globe for over a decade.

We have helped governments, militaries, defense industries, municipalities, big business and a wide range of institutions secure their interests and increase their peace of mind.

We have conducted missions in over 40 countries, on ground, at seas and in the air. We are recognized by leaders of government and industry as agents of change who bring stability to even the most unstable regions in the world.

Our services are usually retained to address complex security challenges that require strategic thinking and on the ground execution. They range from in-depth SWOT analysis to high-level consulting, from tailored training of local forces to integrated and comprehensive solutions.

Our approach is both top-down and bottom-up. It is always meticulous, constantly hands-on and most definitely result oriented.

We can guarantee that no stone will be left unturned and that our experience will be harnessed to secure your interests.

FourTroop was founded by former members of Israel’s elite Special Forces Units. Being born and bred in Israel instilled in us the need for constant vigilance while our military service provided us with the experience and insights that we bring to our clients across the globe.

On our board of directors, you will find some of Israel’s most top military, security services and police figures, who bring their collective experience and insight to the table and allow us to provide our clients with whatever is required to get the job done.

Leadership by Example

Fourtroop operates in over 40 countries and is led by some of israel’s Most decorated military figures. Together, we bring a wealth of Experience, insights and skills to handle the issues at hand.

The Team