FourTroop can provide a one-stop-shop for all security and defense equipment and technology. Our experts are familiar with the latest developments in the security and defense markets.

  • Defense Platforms – Such as planes and helicopters, UAVs and more
  • Maritime Platforms – Such as operational fast boats, multi-task vessels etc.
  • Counter Terrorism – Equipment for SWAT teams and special ops units
  • Ballistics – Ballistic plates, body armor and helmets, as well as armored vehicles and gear
  • Riot Control – A full package, from protection gear for riot control units to special and non-lethal weapons
  • Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence – Intelligence and counter measures, including interception, tracking, observation, jamming, tapping, encryption and electronic systems
  • EOD & IOD – Ballistic protection (suit, helmet and boots), equipment for EOD, mine clearing and breaching
  • Homeland Security – tailor made solutions to protect ports, airports, train stations, military bases, prisons and other strategic facilities
  • Perimeter Security – including fences, fencing sensors, surveillance, detection and alert systems

Case Studies from Defense

  • Defense

    Medical Training Of Special Forces

    Project Goal: To train various elite units in tactical medicine
    Client: Army Location: Europe
    FourTroop Team: 10 specialists were involved in the project.

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  • Defense

    Uav Security Operation

    Project Goal: To secure a UAV team during local government counter-terrorism operations
    Client: The Defense Industry Location: West Africa

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Case Studies from other Sectors

  • Educational

    Security Concept For a School District

    Project Goal: To establish a pro-active security array for 70 educational institutions
    Client: School District Location: United States

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  • Energy

    Risk Assessment For Energy Installations

    Project Goal: To conduct risk assessment of 60 installations
    Client: Governmental Energy Company Location: South America
    FourTroop Team: 3 specialists were involved in the project.

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