The objective of the security assessment is to prevent crime and terror while maintaining the highest standards of security professionalism and operational continuity. These skills and approaches form the core of FourTroop’s company ethos and culture, and are embedded in each project and assignment.

FourTroop’s mission in conducting the Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment is to identify the threats and vulnerabilities associated with our client’s operational environment. Risks determined by the assessment will be analyzed, and countermeasures will be proposed. These findings and recommendations will be integrated into a general security approach in which a detailed Master Security Plan will be developed.

To develop the master security plan, FourTroop conducts an overall assessment of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that the client is likely to face in order to have a holistic understanding of the existing security situation. From this evaluation, the security approach, plan, and design are developed, implemented and operated.

FourTroop Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Considers:

  • Current threats of terrorism and the likelihood of such threats
  • Current crime level, as well as other security threats
  • Existing conditions including access control, staff, closed-circuit TV systems, etc.
  • Competence of the existing security team, status of the command and control center and overall security state of-mind.
  • Existing technologies in use by the security team and their effectiveness in helping counter the threats as

analyzed in the assessment.

Case Studies from Defense

  • Defense

    Medical Training Of Special Forces

    Project Goal: To train various elite units in tactical medicine
    Client: Army Location: Europe
    FourTroop Team: 10 specialists were involved in the project.

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  • Defense

    Uav Security Operation

    Project Goal: To secure a UAV team during local government counter-terrorism operations
    Client: The Defense Industry Location: West Africa

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Case Studies from other Sectors

  • Hospitality

    Security Management For Hotel Chain

    Project Goal: To establish a pro-active security array for 6 very large resorts
    Client: Hotel Chain Location: Latin America

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  • HLS

    Consulting For Upgrade A Swat Unit

    Project Goal: To consult the police force to upgrade an existing SWAT unit
    Client: Police Location: Asia
    FourTroop Team: 5 specialists were involved in the project

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