FourTroop serves government and their defense and security establishment. We are proud to provide services to government around the world who need to deal with crime and terror challenges.

Governments are trusting FourTroop to provide them with the most updated and realistic solutions.

FourTroop is licensed exporter of security and training services while our projects are vetted by our government. All end users must be approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense prior for providing services.

Some of the establishments we are working with:

  • Armies
  • Navies
  • Air Forces
  • Defense Industries

Offered Services:

  • Assessment of capabilities
  • Consulting services
  • Establishment of units
  • Training in various fields
  • Writing of training manuals
  • Procurement of equipment and technology
  • Logistic services
  • Physical security services
  • On-Job Training
  • Operational supervision

Case Studies from Defense

  • Defense

    Medical Training Of Special Forces

    Project Goal: To train various elite units in tactical medicine
    Client: Army Location: Europe
    FourTroop Team: 10 specialists were involved in the project.

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  • Defense

    Uav Security Operation

    Project Goal: To secure a UAV team during local government counter-terrorism operations
    Client: The Defense Industry Location: West Africa

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Case Studies from other Sectors

  • Defense

    Establishment of Special Forces Unit

    Project Goal: To establish a new Special Forces unit and to train 600 soldiers
    Client: Air Force Location: Africa

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  • Defense

    Maritime Defense Missions

    Project Goal: To secure vessels sailing through high-risk areas
    Client: Department of Defense and Defense Industries Location: Gulf of Aden/ Indian Ocean

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