Establishment of Special Forces Unit

Project Goal: To establish a new Special Forces unit and to train 600 soldiers
Client: Air Force Location: Africa

FourTroop Team: 30 specialists were involved in the project.

The Challenge

The country suffers from severe terror attacks from a notorious terror organization. The need to protect civilians, crowded areas, military bases and airports, brought the Air Force to the conclusion that they needed to be more proactive in order to tackle the terrorists’ initiatives.

Project Description

The one-year project included training in multiple capabilities including infantry, counter-terrorism and commando warfare (Air Force contracts with FourTroop for 5 years consecutively).

Additional courses included advanced intelligence training for 30 officers and combat-medic training for 40 operators.

The 100 best-performing soldiers went through an additional 6 weeks of on-the-job training, running battle procedures and preparing for operations.

Lastly, we conducted two “train the trainer” courses for 100 participants, providing the Air Force with the ability to train their own people.

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Case Studies from other Sectors

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