FourTroop’s Maritime Division provides high end security solutions to the shipping industry, private companies and the governmental sector.

We offer the following services:

Risk Assessment: Risk assessments form the basis of our security initiatives. FourTroop offers risk assessment services for sensitive maritime facilities such as: coastlines, oil-platforms, ports and vessels.

  • Identify the potential risks to the asset
  • Implementation of the most recent technological solutions
  • Writing a full procedure manual according to risk and vulnerabilities of each asset
  • Establishment of security means (defensive and/or offensive)

Vessel Security: Providing long-term or intermediate security for vessels sailing through the Gulf of Aden (GoA), Indian Ocean, Western Africa or other High-Risk Zones.

  • Establishing the concept and method of defense based on the risk assessment
  • Providing elite security personnel (Israeli or International)
  • Providing training programs to security personnel and staff

Strategic Maritime Asset Security: National and private maritime strategic assets located around the world pose an opportunity for terrorists and pirates. Due to on-going and increasing threats against ports and other maritime assets there is a growing need for security measures, programs and procedures for the following strategic assets:

  • Offshore rigs
  • Sea ports
  • Coastlines and borders
  • Various types of vessels (Cruise, Cargo, Tankers, Super-Yachts etc.)
  • Other naval applications

Training Programs: In order to fight the rise of terrorism and piracy, we offer maritime security courses that will prepare both the security team and the operating team for the next encounter:

  • Counter-Piracy courses
  • Diving courses
  • SEAL training
  • Boat handlers

FourTroop’s Maritime Division is led by Israeli experts from the Israeli Navy and Israeli SEALs. With our unique capabilities, our maritime division offers a full range of services in the maritime security field.

Case Studies from Defense

  • Defense

    Medical Training Of Special Forces

    Project Goal: To train various elite units in tactical medicine
    Client: Army Location: Europe
    FourTroop Team: 10 specialists were involved in the project.

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  • Defense

    Uav Security Operation

    Project Goal: To secure a UAV team during local government counter-terrorism operations
    Client: The Defense Industry Location: West Africa

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Case Studies from other Sectors

  • HLS

    Upgrading An Elite Police Unit

    Project Goal: To upgrade an elite police unit and to train 200 officers to deal with riots
    Client: Police Location: Asia
    FourTroop Team: 5 specialists were involved in the project.

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  • Private Clients

    Providing VIP Security Services For Numerous Clients

    Project Goal: To secure the clients throughout the world
    Client: VIP clients including high net worth individuals and governmental and sport delegations Location: Globally (totaling more than 40 countries)

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