Upgrading An Elite Police Unit

Project Goal: To upgrade an elite police unit and to train 200 officers to combat severe crime
Client: Police Location: South America

FourTroop Team: 11 specialists were involved in the project.

The Challenge

The province suffers from very high crime rates: homicide, armed burglary, vandalism and theft. The police superintendent decided to upgrade one of his elite units to address these challenges.

Project Description

The project began with a 2-week assessment conducted by 4 experts. Our team met with police officials in order to understand their needs and challenges.

The assessment was followed by a 2-month training conducted by 7 FourTroop instructors for 200 operatives. The training included: pistol shooting, hand-to-hand combat, lectures on advanced policing tactics, foot and mobile arrests, working with vehicles and motorcycles, raids on suspects’ residences, barricade situations, tactical medicine, summarizing drills and more.

The feedback from officials following the training is that the unit is doing tremendous work and crime statistics are going down.

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